Why You Should Book Your Night Valet in Advanced?

Valet service is getting popularity among people in Singapore and this service is also helping them in so many ways. Many people prefer to take this service after drinking a lot of wine or alcohol in the party. In that situation, taking the help of night valet is always the best and most recommended thing by experts. They recommend you to take night valet service because driving under the influence could be really risky for you and others as well. But when you go to a party or pub in the night time and you are sure you would need to take help of night valet then it is a wise idea to do the advance booking for same.


You must be wondering why you should book your night valet in advance and below I am giving some of the reasons explaining that to you.

No delays for you:

Your advance booking of night valet gives you an assurance that you don’t have to wait for a long time after your party is over. This prior booking of valet service will reach there to pick you on given time and they can pick you up from your location. This is really an important service because when party is over, then no one like to wait at the party place in a drunken state. With advance booking of your valet service, you never need to wait for several hours and that is a definitely a big benefit for you.

Cost effective:

It does not matter what kind of services you are taking, last minute booking will surely increase the cost for you. This applies for valet service as well and your last minute booking might get very costly for you. At the other hand, if you do the advance booking of night valet, then you don’t have to pay extra money for same. In this case, you can ask for discount as well and if needed you may do negotiation too with them. This is something that you may never do when using a night valet service with last minute booking.

Night Valet Booking

Better judgment:

Under influence of alcohol you always make wrong decisions and that is why you should stay away from same in every possible situation. When you book valet service in advance, then you can do research properly, you can identify a trustworthy company and you can get good result with ease. This will make sure you are not taking a clouded judgment that makes it one of the most promising reasons to choose the advance booking option while taking this service.

Freedom to choose:

If you have a preferred valet service provider then you may or may not get that service provider in night. If you are lucky enough, then you would have no problem finding a service provider, but if you are not lucky then you may need to look for some other agency that can offer service to you at that time of night. So, I would say freedom to choose your valet service is another benefit that you get with night valet advance booking.

You can explain in advance:

When you are completely drunk and you have no sense of direction, area or your home, then it might be impossible for your valet driver to drop you at home with ease. In your advance booking, you can explain your home address, you can give GPS coordinates and you can explain other requirements also to them. This will help you have a nice experience with ease as you need not do the explaining after hiring a night valet service. This will be a good thing for you and your service provider both and you can have a good experience too.

Book Night Valet Advanced

Availability Assurance:

In last minute booking you may or may not get a night valet depending on the situation, location or condition. If you can get it then it is great else you are going to be in big trouble. You can eliminate this problem as well with advance booking of valet service. In your advance booking, you can share the facts, time, and locality to them. If they can’t come to you at given time or location, then they would give a straight answer to you and you can choose for alternative options. And if they can come, then they would give an assurance to you about their availability that explain why you should do advance booking for same.

It is completely safe:

Another important thing about the advance booking of night valet service is that it will be completely safe for you. In advance booking, you would do your research and you would choose an option that is safe and trustworthy. As a result, of that, you would get the better result having no troubles or complications at all. Also, you may ask for drivers’ details, license, background and other factors that can keep you in the dilemma about your security. Depending on those factors you can take your decision and you can feel the safety, which is next to impossible with last minute booking option.

You can ask for extras:

In a night valet option, they can offer so many extras to you including drinks on the go, drop off to your apartment and many other things. However, you can ask for these extras only if you are in your senses and in full control. If you are not in your control then asking these questions might be an impossible task for you and you would never get such benefits. So, if we say you can have extra with advance booking of your valet service, then it will not be a wrong statement in any ways.

The list of reasons and benefit of advance night valet booking may keep on increasing for you and others. And all these other reasons can also encourage you for the advance valet services booking to avoid any complications or troubles. And if you will take this service once with advance booking, I am sure you would also come up with your own reasons for same.

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