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Many individuals like to enjoy a drink or two after a day of hard work or a long week. Getting together to celebrate holidays and other events can be a great way to blow off steam and form a few memories. However, responsible drinking requires a clear understanding of how alcohol can affect you.

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Alcohol is a depressant, which, when put simply, means that it slows your body down. The overall reaction time of muscles and thought processes are reduced significantly as you consume more alcohol. While pride, on the other hand, as well as social attitudes seem to increase as you drink giving you a false sense of confidence in your ability to think clearly.

How These Changes Can Affect Your Driving

Because alcohol has the ability to slow your mind down, it only makes sense that drinking and driving should not go hand-in-hand. Driving requires an enormous amount of responsibility that simply cannot be met when you're intoxicated. Slower reaction time to changing lights, a sudden need to break or avoid an obstacle, and even a failure to be fully aware of your surroundings can all lead to a dangerous accident in just a matter of moments.

Some individuals even experience periods of time where they may fall asleep or blackout which can be catastrophic while driving for obvious reasons. It simply cannot be denied that if your ability to function is compromised, you pose an immediate risk when you climb behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Costs Of Receiving A DUI

The amount of DUI checkpoints has been on the rise for a number of years. As patients and tolerance of drinking and driving has plummeted, the costs of doing so have skyrocketed. Gone are the days where you would be forced to sit out the effects until morning and be free to go. Now, when you've been arrested for driving with alcohol in your system you will almost certainly be facing a number of legal repercussions.

The fines associated with DUI charges can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. But it doesn't stop there. Other financial charges that you may be required to pay can include:

Fees for legal counsel
Increased insurance rates for 3 or more years
Alcohol and driving classes
Finding alternate means of transportation
Services of a Probation Officer
Testing expenses
Towing and impound
Having your license reinstated
Installing an Ignition Interlock Device, if required
Covering any damages to property, other vehicles, and even medical expenses of yourself and others if an accident occurred

Drink Drive Home Service

Adding up all of the typical expenses means that you're looking at several thousand dollars if you're lucky. In addition to the financial costs, many individuals may struggle to keep their job if they miss work due to court dates and jail time, or do not have a reliable source of transportation, or if their job requires them to hold a valid license.

Prevention Is The Best Solution

For obvious reasons, it's probably in your best interest to avoid this situation all together. The solution is simple, don't drink and drive. Having a designated driver for a planned night out, taking a bus, or calling a cab are all reasonable alternatives to climbing behind the wheel. It may cost you a few bucks to ride the bus home, but what's 10 - 20 dollars compared to several thousand? Since the Singapore laws prohibit drink driving you should therefore hire a reputable company with competent drivers so that they can drive you home. If you're thinking of the best car hiring company that you should hire so that they can drive your after drinking, then should not worry as we're here for you.

There're so many reasons Why Choose Us As Your Drink and Drive Home Service such :

We’ll offer you designated driver who does not drink but will be able to drive you home safely after drinking. Our drivers have an appropriate national Identification card, driving license and also contact details while they’re driving you. After drinking all you’ve to do is to contact us so that we can send you the driver. However, if you can afford you can hire our drivers the whole day so that they can drive you in any place that you’ll be going and also wait around until you’re through with you drinking.

One of the first thing that our drivers do is to text or call the client upon arrival at the location. Once they trace you, you’ll inform them of the location of your home and they’ll take your keys so that they can drive you. Our drivers are very knowledgeable on many roads in Singapore, therefore you’ll be assured that they’ll get to your home.

In addition, our drivers will be able to watch you, since when you’re drunk you may lose consciousness, a thing that can attract thugs to manipulate you. But with our drivers in place, you’ll be sure that you’re safe as the moment they see you turning violent or abusive they would immediately drive you home. They’ll also ensure that your items such as keys, mobile phone, and a laptop that you might have carried to your place of drinking are safe.

Drink Drive Home Service

Our drivers are very knowledgeable of all traffic laws in Singapore, therefore they do their level best in ensuring that they do not commit any crime while they’re driving you home. For instance, they do not over speed and they always obey all the traffic lights.

In case you wish to be driven in your own car, then we can just do that by sending our driver to your destination. Our team of drivers can drive you comfortably in your own car regardless of the occasions such as golf tournament, wedding, hockey game, company function or when you’re out with your friends for drinks.

Our staff is very obedient as they’ll park your vehicle in any place that you request them so as it’s safe for you. They’ll also follow the road route that you prefer to get to your home. In case there’re issues which may arise on the road which may make the driver not to use that road, then they’ll advise you why they’ve chosen another different road.

It's not good for you to risk for getting caught driving while you are drunk as the consequences are huge.

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