7 Reasons Not To Use Freelance Car Jockey Service

A car jockey is a person who operates a particular vehicle at a specified time. The jockey is usually not the owner of the vehicle, but he operates it in different ways. In most cases, the car jockey will park the vehicle, take it to the car wash, or drive the owner home. If the owner is intoxicated and unable to drive themselves home, the car jockey will be responsible for that job. They are almost similar to cab drivers, but they drive the car of the client and leave it where requested.

You can find several car jockey or valet service companies in Singapore, which offer their services at the request of the customers. With the professional valet service companies, they hire professional drivers that are trained and experienced in handling various cars and parking them where requested. Conversely, there are the freelance car jockeys, who are flexible in their services. With these jockeys, they will work in different clubs, and other meeting joints. They will not be registered to a specific valet service companies. There are several disadvantages of hiring these persons, and here are reasons not to hire the freelance car jockey services.


1. Lack of security assurance

When you hire a registered valet service company in Singapore, you can be sure of them parking your car as you requested. You will not worry about the safety of your vehicle. Conversely, the freelance car jockey might not be fully trusted. You may not know if they are good car jockeys. This leaves your car at the hands of a stranger, who might be a con. Some cases have occurred, whereby, the freelance car jockey is asked to park the vehicle, and he vanishes. Some of these car jockeys trick car owners and speed off with the vehicles when they are asked to park it.

2. No proof of experience

With the freelance car jockey, they do not have any evidence of being experienced in the field. In this case, you might hand over your car keys to a stranger, who might end up denting your car. Some of the premium vehicles in Singapore, like Aston Martin, have a slightly different mechanism from the regular vehicles. This needs an experienced driver to handle them. If the freelance driver has never operated such a vehicle, they might end up crashing it and causing costly damages to your car.

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3. Unavailability

The freelance car jockey services might not be available at all times. Since they are freelancers, it means that they work for different people and in different places. For that, if you drive to a club, and you need your car to be parked in the right place, it could be challenging if the car jockey is not available. Also, when you need to get back home, but you are intoxicated, the freelance car jockey might not be there at your service.

4. You might not be safe in their hands

Using the freelance valet services might end up putting your life in danger. For instance, if you are intoxicated, and you need to get home, the freelance car jockey might approach you for assistance. En route to your place, they might rob you of your belongings and even the vehicle. Since they are not registered by any professional valet service company, it will be difficult to track them down. In some cases, you could be in the car with a dangerous person that might harm you. It's hard to trust them, especially since they are not working for any recognized company.

5. They are might not be loyal to the clients

With the freelance car jockeys, they are mostly after the money. They might not care about how they handle the car or how they deal with the client. All they need is to make that extra money and move on to the next available client. These car jockeys will not care if the client will come back the following day or week asking for their help. Usually, they can work from different places and for many other persons, so one client will not be much of a bother to them. Unlike the registered valet service companies, which value their clients and treat them with professionalism and respect.

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6. They are not supervised

Anyone that works without supervision will handle things the way they feel is right for them. Even if they are abusive and careless with the client, they will not worry about getting fired or anything of the sort. The freelance car jockey will not be supervised by any organization or any person. They work at their own pleasure, and they work whenever they want. With this freedom of the freelancer, they might mishandle the client or can even smoke while driving with a non-smoker. Others might offer to drive your car, even when they are intoxicated.

7. They are not insured

This is one thing that many car owners must keep in mind before they hire any car jockey. With the insurance, you will be sure of having your car covered by the one driving it, or the company that offered the specific driver. A freelance car jockey works with liberty and at their own will. If your car is dented or broken down in the hands of the freelancer, they will not be able to cover the repair costs. Also, you will not be in a position to sue the given freelance car jockey, if there is a complication with your car. Hiring the freelance valet service is all about risking and being ready for the outcome. The freelancer cannot cover your car, neither can he be responsible for any mechanical issue.


It is highly discouraged to hire a freelance car jockey. Many car owners make the mistake of hiring the freelancers since they can offer cheap services. Before you hand over your vehicle to any car jockey, always ask for their employment details. They must be employed by a recognized valet service company. Also, ensure that you learn more about the valet service company before you allow your car to be in the hands of the car jockey. This way, you will be at peace, even when you leave the car to the designated driver. Hire a valet service company that offers reliable, professional, and affordable services.

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