Is It Advisable To Use Drink & Drive You Home Service?

You love a good party, but may worry when it ends. You may have to leave your car behind if you are too drunk to drive yourself home. The last thing you want to do is leave it in a parking lot and rake up unnecessary charges. Drink-and-Drive-You-Home valet services may ease your worries. Such services are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. If you have never used them before, you will probably wonder how they work. You may also ask if you should rely on them.


How a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service works

Drink-and-Drive-You-Home services work differently, depending on the resources and arrangements of valet companies.
Some companies may arrange for two valets to meet you at an appointed venue. They will arrive in a car that belongs to their company. One will drive you home in your car while the other will follow in the company's car. Alternatively, the company may simply arrange for the driver to meet you where you have parked. Either way, you and your car will return home safely on the same night.

Why it is advisable to hire a valet service if you drink and drive

Driving home with your head spinning from too much alcohol has unlimited risks. Besides this, there are other reasons you should rely on Drink-and-Drive-You-Home services.

1. A drink-and-drive-you-home service is professional.

Valet services are professional. Apart from being well-dressed, valets have training in social etiquette. They take pride in being polite, tactful and efficient. Companies train them to accommodate pressing situations, such as a passenger who is too drunk to know what is going on around him. A professional valet is trustworthy, and will see you home safely.

2. A professional valet service is top-quality.

Professional valet services are prompt and efficient. Valets make sure that they arrive at your intended pick-up point punctually, because their companies factor waiting time into their charges.. You pay for each minute you make them wait. Many valet companies guarantee their services.

3. You will have an enjoyable ride.

Valet companies accommodate car-pooling arrangements. A valet may transport a few passengers in his company's car. If this is the case, you may have to spend a longer time in the vehicle. However, rest assured that you will not have a boring journey. Many companies have entertainment and refreshments available on board.

4. These services are accessible.

You may wonder if a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service is available where you want to go. Most valet companies make their services available all over Singapore. All you need to do is to let them know your pick-up and drop-off locations.

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5. Drink-and-drive-you-home services are affordable

Such services are affordable and allow you to save on cab fares. The usual cost of hiring a round-trip Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service is $38. This includes insurance and fuel charges. Additional drop-offs cost $10. There is usually a $12 waiting time charge, which means that you should meet the valets punctually. It is also important to plan your journey. There are charges for the various beverages on board as well. Many customers forget that it is customary to tip the driver. An average tip is $5. Do ask the company you are considering about its tipping policies. Some may pay their drivers more and restrict tipping. Do not tip the driver if this is the case.

6. It prevents you from losing your driving license.

You may drive negligently if you have drunk too much. A Drink-and-Drive-You-Home services prevents you from losing your driving licence.

7. You do not need to plan your journey

Experienced valets know exactly where to go and the best route to take. If you use a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service, you will not need to plan your journey.

Why you should not use a drink and drive service

Of course, not all valet services are reliable. Hiring the wrong Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service may give you nightmares.

1. The valet may damage your car.

For a start, the valet may damage your car. A reckless driver may speed and cause an accident. Before hiring a valet company, take this into consideration.

2. Using a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service comes with risks.

Some valets use Drink-and-Drive-You-Home services as fronts to take advantage of passengers who are too drunk to notice anything around them. An irresponsible valet may steal money out of your wallet, or what is worse, your car. Another valet may drive dangerously. The key to overcoming such challenges is to hire a trustworthy valet company.

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3. It may take you a long time to get home.

If you are the impatient sort, a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service may not suit you. You may experience delays getting home if the valet takes an unplanned route. Reaching your destination will take even longer if there are others dropping off.

4. It is a luxury.

Drink-and-Drive-You-Home services are cost-friendly, but they are still luxuries. If your journey is short, you will get better value for your money if you hail a cab. Should you stay near the party venue, you may want to ask a friend to flag a taxi for you.

Assessing the trustworthiness of a valet company

All things considered, the advantages of using a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service outweigh the disadvantages. You will gain from hiring a service that is dependable. These are ways to spot a reliable valet company.

1. The company should ooze professionalism.

To begin, such a company should give you the feeling that it is professional. A tipsy passenger needs quick attention. It should respond to him quickly. To find out how prompt the company is, call it and note how long it takes to respond to your questions. A reliable valet company should answer them quickly.

2. Ask for references

It is always wise to ask for references. Friends may refer you to efficient Drink-and-Drive-You-Home services. Browse websites to get an idea of the valet companies available, and compile a list of possibilities.

3. Do your research.

Then, do your research. Customers often review companies on their websites. Read these reviews to find out if the valet service you are considering is credible. if it has received overwhelming positive feedback, it probably is. Look through the company's social media profile as well. It is a trustworthy company if customers have left positive comments on it.

4. Ask about the company's experience.

Ask how the company's valets tackle drunk, disorderly passengers. It should prepare its valets to handle this, and other difficult situations. Find out the average age of its valets. Hire a company that relies on mature drivers. They are less likely to speed or get into accidents.

5. Ask about its policies.

A reliable company should have enough insurance coverage. It should guarantee compensation if there is damage to your car.


In all, it is advisable to use a Drink-and-Drive-You-Home service.

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