How Hiring A Valet Parking Service Can Help a Business

Singapore has a high population density, and a large number of cars. Hence often there is a shortage of parking space for cars, especially in busy commercial areas. Hence many organizations like hotels, restaurants, clubs, discos, bars, event managers are offering valet parking service for their customers or those attending the event. Most organizations do not have enough staff who are trained in valet parking, so it is better to hire the service of a valet parking agency which has the experience and trained staff to manage the parking of customers and others.

Valet Parking Service

There are many advantages of hiring a specialized service for managing valet parking

- in many parking lots, there is a limited amount of space, and a large number of customers.
If the customer does not get parking space immediately, they will usually not use the same parking lot again, and go to some other parking lot, resulting in the loss of a customer. Having trained and experience valets manage the parking lot, will ensure that the space available is managed optimally, so that no customer is disappointed.

- in many cases the parking lot is some distance away from the place which the customer wishes to visit.
It can be inconvenient for large families with children or older citizens who find it difficult to walk on busy roads for ten minutes or more. Hence the valet at the parking lot will drive the car so that the family or senior citizen is dropped and picked up for the place they are visiting, so they they do not have waste their time, energy and take the risk of walking longer distances.

- Parking a vehicle is a major chore for car and other vehicle owners, it can take some time and is also complicated when there is less parking space available.
Having a trained valet park the car for the owner, is a convenience which is appreciated by the car owner, adding to the prestige of the event he is attending or venue he is visiting.

- for many large and prestigious events, there are hundreds of guests and they can waste a lot of their time searching for parking space.
It can also result in disputes when some cars are not parked properly, blocking other cars. Hence by having a parking service, the staff will ensure that the cars are parked properly, utilizing all the parking space in the vicinity efficiently.

- for some events, important and wealthy people with expensive luxury cars are invited.
It is important for the event organizer to ensure that the car remains secure and is not damaged. The valet-parking service will ensure that the luxury car is secure when it is parked, and it will be often parked close to the entrance for the event, adding to the prestige of the event.

- the number of cars which can be parked in a particular area, depends to a large extent on how they are parked.
Usually each car owner will park the car according to his own convenience, and the different car owners will park their vehicle haphazardly, resulting in inefficient utilization of space available. The parking service is trained to park the cars efficiently to maximize the number of cars and make it easy to remove the car from the car parking lot.

Valet Parking Service

While using a specific parking service it is advisable to check whether

- their employees are well experienced and trained in car parking, whether businesses like hotels and event organizers have used their services earlier

- the valets are trained in handling and driving a large variety of cars, including expensive luxury cars, and the newest cars, with the latest electronic gadgets, so that they can park it without damaging the vehicle.

- security measures which the valet service implements to ensure that the cars are not damaged when they are being parked. For example in a hotel, or parking lot, CCTV cameras may be installed to monitor the people entering the parking area and entry to the parking area may be restricted to ensure that no one tampers with the vehicles.

- the staff are courteous, polite and offer good customer service, they should be wearing uniforms and identity cards so that it is easy to identify them. The cars are expensive, and car owners should be assured that the cars are in safe hands, when they hand over the keys to the valet for parked

- the valet parking has insurance for its service. In case of any problem, if there is insurance, it is easier to get compensation.

Hence based on the above information, hiring an efficient firm for valet parking can greatly reduce the parking related problems for businesses and other organizations.

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