Hire Valet Services For Your Parties, Weddings And Functions

Valet services are an upcoming trend in our country nowadays. Valet services chiefly imply a service where the guest arriving to a specific location does not have to park their own car. They just hand over their car keys to a person who is well experienced in parking cars. This person is called a valet and the company hiring this person is called a valet company. The fees of the valet services are paid by the organization or the person who has hired the valet services. The customers and the guest, on the other hand, are expected to give a tip to the valet person. There are multiple benefits of hiring a valet service and it is for this reason that you will notice that valet services are being hired by malls, bars, restaurants, hotels, pubs and even hospitals.

Hire Valet Services

Why should you hire valet services?

If you are hosting a wedding, a party or even any kind of function, then it becomes absolutely necessary to hire a valet service. This is because in the urban areas there are strict parking restrictions. The roads are overcrowded with vehicles and if one of your guests ends up parking in the wrong area or on the wrong side of the road then they can get into serious trouble. Even you may get dragged into the matter. Hence valet services are required, who ensure that they park the car in a designated parking spot which is safe and legal.

Secondly, the designated parking space may be far away from the venue of the event and hence may be of inconvenience to your guests. The aged guests may face problem walking back to the venue area. The condition is worsened in bad weather when the guest's attire is soiled by rain or mud if they have to walk back from the parking area. Valet services take all the hassles for you and ensure that your guests can attend the event with full peace of mind without having the hassle of finding a parking spot.

Thirdly, at an event where a large number of guests have been invited, parking becomes a serious problem. When the guests park their cars, they do not always park properly. Hence large spaces are left between cars which waste the parking space. Moreover, sometimes one car bumps into others or damages others when they are being parked into a tight spot by a guest himself. These may lead to serious troubles, which may ruin your party. So hire a valet service and let them park the cars in a perfect way. They know how to handle a car and park them in the best way possible.

Importance of Shiv Valet services

Shiv valet services are one of the ace valet services available in our country. They provide great services and are full of professional ethics, which are bound to satisfy you. They have a very skilled team who know their work properly and would never even give you a chance to complain. So hire valet services today and have fun at hosting your event without having to worry about cars and parking.

Hire Valet Services

Reasons To Hire A Valet Service

Small events don't reveal the problem but large parties and concerts highlight just how troublesome parking can be. If you've ever been to an event and had to hunt for safe parking space, you know what we're talking about.

Valet parking is the answer to such controllable issues. Why put yourself and guests through the hassle when there are services just waiting for you to call? They have qualified, licensed valets who know how to drive, know how to park (yes, there's a strategic system) and know how to communicate with clients. In events where the host must focus on more important matters, it's foolhardy to assume responsibility for the same.

As more people are pressed for time and services once considered a luxury become expected, valet services are seeing rising demand. If you're still debating whether you too should hire one for the fancy event you're hosting, here are four reasons to change your mind.


Who wants to bother about finding a parking spot when you're at an event to enjoy, well, the event? Convenience becomes even more important for senior citizens or people with disabilities who don't have the physical capability to walk the long distance between parking site and venue. Valet parking eliminates the need for guests to hop back and forth if they're left something in the car. And in a parking lot where tight corners and numerous vehicles mean a tight squeeze, it's best to leave vehicles in the capable hands of valet attendants.

Hire Valet Services


Unsafe situations exist everywhere you go, sadly, and the risk is even greater for women. With a valet service, cars are brought to owners when needed which eliminates the need to walk a distance under cover of night. People with night blindness and overall poor eyesight will also thank you for being considerate.

Great use of limited parking space:

Ordinarily, you wouldn't be able to park more than one car into a narrow spot. Valet attendants can, however, since they hold the keys to both cars and can move them to accommodate more vehicles. They're also very experienced, so even parking lot limitations aren't daunting.

Frees up your time:

Imagine if you had to shoulder the burden of worrying about parking; as the host, you wouldn't have time to play your part. Valet services let you perform your duties without having to worry about anything. Events can be stressful, we all know, so the added responsibility of parking problems is just not needed.

Adds an element of luxury:
Valet parking, while more in demand than before, is still a luxury service and people view it as such. If you're out to impress guests, this is one way to do it. Hire a service known for its excellent record, and you could score big points with the right people.

Once you've decided to hire a valet company to be prepared to part with a reasonable sum of money for exceptional service. Good companies hire only the best hands which in turn command decent wages. Add to that the cost of managing such a venture and it's no wonder valet parking is still considered a luxury service. After all, if you want the best, you must be willing to pay for the best.

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