Benefits of Hiring Valet Service

 Planning an important event can be tedious because you would want to do everything well to make lasting impressions on your guests. One of the things you cannot forget to hire to give your guests a great time at the event and convenience when attending is valet service Singapore. Guests will most definitely appreciate the service when coming to your wedding, party or a big meeting. There are good companies offering drink drive valet services, and it makes it easy for you to get home after the event. To get the best services, asking a few, but important questions will help you gauge the abilities of the company you are about to hire and how good it is suited for your event.

Valet Service

1. What quality control measures do you have?

Only a good valet company will have quality control measures to offer you the best experience possible. For instance, a company that has an employment system consisting of background checks before hiring, motor vehicle record inspections, and eye examinations has the potential of giving you a great experience with the services you need. You can be sure of who is behind the wheel and have no worries.

2. How will your staff by the operation?

You, of course, want to make sure that the company is capable enough of handling the needs of the event by having enough staff to cater to the number of guests expected.

3. Where will you park the vehicles?

Since the event is yours, you might need to come up with the parking area depending on where it will be taking place. However, it still helps to know that your company has means and a backup place for the parking to save you from worries in case your designated area is overwhelmed.

4. Are you insured and what are your insurance limits?

It is important if you want to remain sure your guests' vehicles are in no kind of risk. Find out the insurance limits so you can relate it to your needs and decide if it is good enough in case anything happens.

5. How do you respond to service complaints?

It is an important question that will help you know how suited the company is for your event. A company that is swift in working on complaints and offering quick, convenient alternatives or options to save the situation is always better.

6. How do you handle damaged vehicles and customer claims?

It is important to know that the valet service company you are hiring will put your guests first, especially if its attendants end up damaging the vehicles. Listen to how it handles such situations and decide how good it will be in taking care of emergencies and keeping your guests happy and content.

7. Can you give me references?

A good Singapore company won't hesitate about giving you references. You can call to be sure of what kind of service provider it is.

The services of drink drive have been useful to many particularly those who like partying. In Singapore, you are not supposed to drive a car under the influence of alcohol. You don't need to be stranded since the drink drive valet is there to get you home safely. Any experienced and reliable drink drive valets work hard to ensure you get home with your car in sound and safe at a reasonable fee. Why opt for valet services in Singapore.


Since there are many valet services providers in Singapore, this compels the service provider to carry themselves with high professionalism. Once you pay them a call, they will arrive at the pickup station and drop you to your destination. Valets have experienced drivers who are licensed and holds all the necessary legal documents. You are sure to enjoy the ride and get home safe.

Valet Service

Cost Effective

Drink drive home services are cheap, and everyone who owns a car can afford. The rate may vary from one company to another thus gives you a chance to choose the one that fits your budget. The cost of drink drive services is less compared to the cost of other transport options. You will also be comfortable and get some advantages compared to using public means.

Completely Safe

When you hire the services of drink drive services, you don’t need to worry about your safety. The Singapore valet company will provide you with a driver who has passed all the safety checks and observes load safety as they drive you home. The driver will also help you with other things that you need on your way home.

Easy to hire:

When it comes to hiring the services of valet in Singapore, the process is one call away. You need to call the service provider who will ask for your address. They will then send a valet within a short time who will then offer services to the best. You can also book the valet services if you know you won’t be able to hire their services at the time you need them most. The best part of the booking, you will have a chance to choose the best and also negotiate with price.

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