8 Reasons to Opt for Valet Services

Valet services are used in Singapore by many businesses, restaurants and even at various ceremonial events like wedding etc. for various reasons. It is not that people cannot park their vehicle themselves still many people look for valet service while shopping at a quality store, enjoying a dinner with family or friends at a restaurant or attending a wedding ceremony mainly due to safety of their vehicle along with various other reasons. Your customers or guests may not expect such service but when you provide such service then it is loved by most of them.

Valet Services

Though they cab park their own vehicle but such service at a quality restaurant, shopping centre or a ceremony give them a feel of royalty when they are welcomed by a qualified person. Today valet services have become a necessity in Singapore due to various reasons. Some of these reasons are briefly described in this write-up for your consideration.

1. First class front door service for your customers or guests

Whether you are shopping at some big store or visiting a standard restaurant or attending a wedding, valet services provided to you as a customer or guest make you feel honoured by the business owner or host. You cannot forget this classy welcome throughout your life. You will be greeted by the professionally qualified staff of valet service, who will take care of all of your parking needs.

2. Privileged parking service

Some businesses have parking area where the customers can park their car but they are not allowed to use it themselves. This situation usually occurs when the parking area is controlled by an insured valet service. They do not allow non-designated people to enter their area. In such condition valet parking helps the customers to leave the keys of their car with the valet service professionals to take care of their vehicle. In some cases, where general public is allowed to park their vehicle themselves, valet service provides transportation to the guests or customers from parking area to the main site.

Valet Services

3. Management of the parking area

When you hire a professional valet service to manage the parking of the vehicles at your event or business premise then they manage the things efficiently so that maximum number of cars can be parked in the limited parking space available. They will manage the flow of traffic very smoothly by directing them efficiently. In this way, valet services also act as traffic controllers, if required, in Singapore.

4. Help people in dealing with irregular weather conditions

Changing weather conditions cannot be controlled by anyone even if you have made best arrangements for the convenience of your customers or guests. Your customers or guests will have to deal with extreme weather conditions whether it is wind, heat, cold or rain. In this condition a valet service can keep them away from extreme conditions by saving them from unexpected wind, cold, heat and rain while parking their vehicle on their behalf.

5. Save time and hassle of the customers

People visiting your business or event might have come from faraway places and may not be familiar with your parking area. It may take some more time for them to find out your parking venue. You can save their hassle and time by providing them valet service at your doorstep. It can also be a welcoming step for your guests and customers if the way to your parking lot is in easy to walk or unknown to them. People attending a ceremony may not like to walk a long distance after parking their vehicle as it can damage the sheen of their dress and heels, especially in case of women.

6. Avoid the situation of uncertainty for the customers or guests

Sometimes the business or event venues are large enough to confuse the customers or guests. If the venue has multiple parking areas, entrances or buildings then situation becomes more confusing for the visitors, especially if they are new to the city or that region. Moreover if they opt for street parking then they will have to bear the fee of parking meter. So for the convenience of the customers or guests the owner of the business or host of the event should hire a valet service in Singapore as they will not only take care of the vehicle of your customers or guests but also control the flow of traffic in that area. Moreover the staff of valet service can also guide the visitors, where to go for the purpose you have visited there.

Valet Services

7. Safety

Valet services are more important in Singapore for ceremonial events like wedding etc. as people drink wine excessively to celebrate the event with the host. In such condition the attendant of the valet service can save the guests from drunk driving for their safety. Though legally they are not permitted to drive the car of an intoxicated guest who is trying to leave the venue still they help such people to avoid the risk of drunk driving. In such situation normally one of the friends or family takes the keys of the car of their drunken friend from the valet attendant, who is handling the things awkwardly, getting distracted and fumbles while talking to people, to take care of him and his vehicle. The attendant tries to find out someone who can take the charge of the keys and the drunken friend.

8. Worthy expense

People usually consider as an additional expense while hiring a valet parking service in Singapore as it can be affordable for big businesses or high class even organisers only. But that is not completely true. In certain situation valet parking become extremely essential whereas in some it can add elegance and luxury to your event. Regardless of your motive to hire a valet parking service, you can modify their services as per your pocket. The important thing that your customers or guests will appreciate is the feeling of being someone special when you provide them free valet parking service in Singapore.

So, if you want to make your customers or guests feel good while visiting you in Singapore then you must provide them valet services at your doorstep.

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