6 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Night Valet Service

People in Singapore are habituated of going for night outs after a long working day. Parties and drinks are the common habits of people. It is imperative that you reach home safely after letting your hair down. Night valet service helps you and your vehicle in reaching your home safely. While valet service in Singapore means parking of your vehicle by well-groomed professionals, the night valet service in Singapore means sending both you and your car to your home when you have consumed alcohol. The sole aim of the service is not only respond to your quickly but also to make you satisfied. There are basically two ways you can hire the professionals. Either you can take your own vehicle for reaching at the place of your enjoyment or you can hire the services for both your to and fro journey. You can either make an advance booking or you can make instant booking. It is always better to make an advance booking to help yourself with better services. There are lots of dos that you can follow while hiring the services. But there are also a lot of don’ts that you may not be aware of. This article lists 6 mistakes to avoid when hiring night valet service.


1. Don’t hire a service which you are not aware of whether reliable or not

It is always better to know the company that provides the best night valet services in Singapore. Your main goal should be to avoid services which are not up to the mark. There are some services which don’t hire proper chauffeurs that drive you home safely. At times is better to ride back home than to hire the services. You should never rely on the services. You should always hire the services which offer you to ride back home with your own vehicle or a vehicle owned by the service providers. Some of the services don’t own their vehicle rely on your vehicle. You may not always trust others to drive your vehicle. Apart from the driver, it is important that you get satisfied with all the services that the company provides. There are some companies which charge you exorbitant prices for the service that you could have got at affordable rates.

2. Don’t hire a service provider who doesn’t reveal the entire expenditure for the service

A good company always mentions about all the heads where it is going to charge its customers. When you see hidden expenditures, you should avoid the company from the beginning. While returning home the service providers offer you drink and beverages in the vehicle. A good service provider mentions the rate for the beverage service back home. There are some service providers which don’t mention about beverages but charge you more for that. You should stay away from those service providers. Apart from the beverages, the tip that you give to the chauffeur is completely voluntary. A service provider can’t charge you for the tip. Most of the service providers charge exorbitant rates for extra waiting time, but the good service providers charge a nominal rate as per the waiting time.

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3. Don’t resort to instant booking; you may not get proper services due to lack of availability

It is always better to hire the services beforehand. It will not only give you an opportunity to book the services at ease but also it will help you save additional costs that you are going to incur. At times, you may not be able get services the way you want. Sometimes you may not get the services at all. Most of the service providers charge the customers heavy prices for instant booking as instant booking is all about arranging drivers and vehicles at that point of time. Since you haven’t booked the service in advance, you may have to agree to all the conditions that the service provider tells you. Sometimes you may have to get down at the nearest drop-off point of your house. Sometimes, you may have to share the journey back home with some others.

4. Don’t hire a night valet service if the service is not insured

There are various risks if you are hiring a service which is not insured. You should ask the service provider about whether they are insured or not. You can verify the insurance registration of the service with the help of the insurance regulator of the country. The next thing that you are going to do is to verify the license of both the company and the driver. A good company always sends you the details of its driver, car and the company. You can check the veracity of the information by logging on to the websites of the respective regulators. There is no point in hiring a service which doesn’t guarantee your well-being. Without proper insurance, you are not going to get benefits or coverage if anything happens to you during the journey irrespective of you and your driver’s fault.

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5. Don’t hire a valet service without checking the list of the additional services

Valet companies provide various integral and additional services along with the core services. Generally for the integrated services, they don’t charge extra but for the additional services they charge you extra. It is very important for you to know about the services which are included in the core services. It is also important for you to know about the additional services for which the company is going to charge you extras.

6. Don’t hire a service provider without reading customer reviews and without comparing price for different services

It is essential to a research on more than one service provider. You can read the entire customer reviews listed on various websites. At the end of the day satisfaction always matters. There is no point in hiring a service without any satisfaction. Adding to customer reviews, you need to check prices of various players existing in the market. You should check each and every service and the prices being charged by various companies. Then you can decide which service providers give you the best combination of services in your budget. Most of the people in Singapore are well off in paying for the service but it matters to be satisfied with the services.

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